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We went to the vet for the ultra sound
  Xena is pregnant we are expecting puppy's mid May :-)




Xena was bred on the 19th and 20th March !!

We are hoping to expect puppy's early May :-)






On friday we did a smear off Xena's uterus to check for bacteria. It has to be on culture for 48 hours to see if there are any harmful bacteria there. 
Today I got the result of the smear and everything is "clear" that is great news !!!
A step closer to a successful breeding :-)
We are going back to the vet this week for Xena progesterone test to determine the optimal time for breeding. 



Finally it's time, Xena is in heat. Next week we will test her blood for the first time, and when everything goes according our plan, she will be bred somewhere next week.

If there is more news I will post it here :-)



New Health Results....

Ch.. Happy Spark Dragon Princess "Xena"


Eye's are clear again for a year !!